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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Guest Interview: C.L. Dyck with Marc Schooley on König's Fire

It is my very great pleasure to introduce writer-editor C.L. Dyck's interview of Christian speculative fiction writer Marc Schooley as they discuss Schooley's latest book König's Fire.

Schooley's König's Fire has gained notice for Christian speculative fiction with a favorable mention in Publisher's Weekly. You can learn more about Marc Schooley at www.marcschooley.com

Writer-editor C.L. Dyck is friend to many Christian speculative fiction writers. A gifted writer in her own right, Dyck's thought-provoking essays can be found at her web site scitascienda.com.

Now before you eyes wander any farther, please click on the interview and enjoy.

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  1. Bill, what tremendously kind words. Thank you so much.