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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Piracy in Takamo

It's been too long since I posted to Holy Speculation.  Real life has kept me busy and alas,  Black Flag Black Ships, has not yet been picked up a by a publisher.  In the meantime, I am writing yet another Undersea Raiders book, this time set in the contemporary era.  Also on the drafting boards is a third Undersea Raiders book set in the early 1700s, featuring a new set of characters and some familiar supporting characters.

So I am bouncing back and forth in history, creatively showing that piracy has been a problem throughout history and will likely to continue as long as the nature of man remains the same.

So what about piracy in the far future, should humanity be able to jump to distant stars?  Well, in a way, I tried to answer that question though my role as co-designer of the Play-By-Mail game Takamo way back in 1982. Three college buddies and I came up with the idea of an ever-expanding multi-player game featuring intergalactic civilizations.  Led my my friend Randy Ritnour, it ran as a a play by mail and then later play by email game for 20 years before going into hiatus. At its height, it had 10,000 players from all over the world.

It is now coming back as a  strategic-level Massive Multi-Player Online  (MMO) game that promises to be jaw-dropping and exciting. Players can choose to follow technology development paths that could allow them to choose piracy or privateering as a part of their culture. Piracy is only one of many different roles players can adopt for their civilizations.

We are attempting to finance the rebirth though the cloud-sourcing broker Kickstarter.  See http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1130776526/takamo-universe-a-strategic-sci-fi-mmo for a great description of our project. The first video describes the game and its background.

Tell your friends and visit www.takamouniverse.com or look for Takamo Universe on FaceBook and Twitter.